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Case Study

Restore Cryotherapy

Customer Story

Dave Williams and Brody King are master franchisees of a the 8 state mountain west region of Restore Cryotherapy, a national hyper-wellness and medical spa concept.  Before opening their first location in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City they hired Fox Marketing Advisors to create and execute an innovative customer attraction, referral marketing, and profitability strategy, required to build a foundation for the development of 50+ locations in multiple markets.



  • Open 50 locations in 8 states
  • Achieve revenues of $50M
  • Develop a reproducible launch plan
  • Attract the ideal clients as members
  • Maximize customer lifetime value
  • Stabilize customer acquisition costs


Our Solutions

  • Crafted a detailed strategic plan
  • Collaborated with the franchise on brand positioning
  • Extensive redevelopment of marketing collateral
  • Build a social media marketing progra
  • Created a B2B referral plan
  • Developed membership sales strategy

In my 30+ years as a CEO, corporate executive and business owner, David Fox is hands-down the best marketer I’ve ever worked with. He’s as good as they come.

Dave Williams
Chairman - Restore Cryotherapy
Mountain Region

David is a master of his craft and his recommendations took a lot of the fear out of how we were going to acquire customers. I really appreciated how judicious David was with our money, time and resources. He is myopically focused on delivering an unambiguous positive ROI for us – I look forward to working with him again!

Brody King
CEO - Restore Cryotherapy
Mountain Region

David embodies the Covey-ism, “seek first to understand, then to be understood.”  David is an incredible listener and was able to create a very innovative and actionable marketing plan for us after extensive interviews with our team, teasing out important answers to questions we didn’t think to ask.

Brody King
CEO - Restore Cryotherapy
Mountain Region

David is an entrepreneur himself, which makes him very tuned in to over-communicating with us as to the budget and potential ROI of each activity. Very impressive.