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Case Study

Finished Home

Customer Story

When Kevin Potter, CEO of Finished Home, a third party relocation company based in Seattle Washington, decided he wanted to attract more ideal clients, increase profits and create greater operational stability and increase repeat and referral business he hired Fox Marketing Advisors.  He also wanted to establish Finished Home as a recognizable market leader in a fragmented and competitive market segment, while increasing his pricing and and streamlining business operations.



  • Attract ideal customers
  • Weed out price driven customers
  • Increase profit margins by 40%
  • Increase revenue by 10-15%
  • Build company cash reserves
  • Eliminate company debt
  • Become the clear market leader


Our Solutions

  • Conducted detailed interviews with the executive team
  • In-depth marketing research to identify obstacles and opportunities
  • Created detailed profiles of ideal clients
  • Identified and removed marketing roadblocks
  • Reworked pricing to improve profitability
  • Suggested strategies for streamlining operations
  • Delivered 15% growth and 45% improvement in profitability

* Within 17 months the client had achieved all goals in the strategic plan

Working with David has been a the most positive experience of my career.  As a result we now have 45 employees and I never need to worry about covering payroll again.   Thanks to David, my business is successful and I’m sleeping a lot better.  I’d recommend Fox Marketing without any reservation.  They are beyond a five star company and certainly better than a 10 out of 10.